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Recommended Reads (Dec)
A book review of
Fast Falls the Night
by Julia Keller
Based on a real-life event, this 6th Bell Elkins procedural centers on a horrific day of heroin overdoses in Acker's Gap, Virginia This 1st in the exciting new Breaker of Empires series (starring Kashmiri royal, Lieutenant Sikander Singh North) is military SF at its best. A book review of
Valiant Dust
by Richard Baker
A book review of
by H. B. Lyle
Shows how the British Secret Service might have started, after ex-soldier Wiggins, once a Baker Street Irregular, was recruited. In this 2nd in the enchanting Winternight series, Vasya enters the inner circle of Grand Prince Dmitri in Moscow - disguised as a boy. A book review of
Girl in the Tower
by Katherine Arden

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