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Recommended Reads (Oct)
A book review of
by Deon Meyer
This brilliant dystopian is also a coming of age for young Nico Storm, who survives a pandemic with his father, and helps rebuild a civilized community. An old law school classmate seeks Bell's help in investigating the death of her beloved, elderly father Harmon in an Alzheimer's care facility. A book review of
Sorrow Road
by Julia Keller
A book review of
Legion of Flame
by Anthony Ryan
Lizanne seeks the Mad Artisan in a Corvantine prison; Clay and Corrick head deep into southern seas; and Sirus is turned into a Spoiled slave of dragons. In Norway, Chief Inspector William Wisting ties together 2 seemingly unrelated murder cases, with help from his pregnant daughter Line. A book review of
by Jorn Lier Horst

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