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Recommended Reads (Jan)
A book review of
by Madeline Miller
Tells the tale of immortal nymph Circe, daughter of Titan sun god Helios, including what came after her mythical encounter with Odysseus. This excellent mystery, all about the ripples that spread out from an act of violence to the victim's community, reads like a series of interconnected short stories. A book review of
by Keigo Higashino
A book review of
Never Tell
by Lisa Gardner
This 10th in the series, starts with the discovery of a man shot dead in his home office, his pregnant wife found standing over the body - did she kill him? This 1st in a series introduces FBI Special Agent Atlee Pine, whose office in Shattered Rock, Arizona is responsible for protecting the Grand Canyon A book review of
Long Road to Mercy
by David Baldacci

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