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Recommended Reads (Jan)
A book review of
by Brandon Sanderson
Dalinar struggles to form a coalition to resist the Voidbringers, while Shallan, Adolin and Kaladan venture into a very strange realm. Our heroine crawls out of a wrecked car in Florida. She's barefoot, bleeding, with a needle in her forearm, and no memory. But she is resourceful. A book review of
Killing Pace
by Douglas Schofield
A book review of
Wolves of Winter
by Tyrell Johnson
Here's an exciting, action-packed dystopian, set in the Canadian Yukon and starring a brave young heroine, Gwendolynn McBride. In this final episode, the Andro-Francine Order and the Y’Zirite Empire are at war, as Winter leads her people to their destiny on the Moon. A book review of
by Ken Scholes

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