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Recommended Reads (Oct)
A book review of
Wild Fire
by Ann Cleeves
In this 8th and final entry, DI Jimmy Perez investigates the murder of a local nanny, while struggling with his relationship with his boss, Willow Reeves. Cultures clash when 2 women's lives are intertwined (one poor and Jewish, the other a wealthy and entitled WASP) in NY City soon after the end of WW II. A book review of
Not Our Kind
by Kitty Zeldis
A book review of
Dark Sacred Night
by Michael Connelly
This mystery teams up Harry Bosch (now with the San Fernando PD) with another very talented and determined LAPD detective, young Renee Ballard. This is mainly Pizlo's story, as he fights back against the cruel treatment that abominations experience all their short lives, and makes his hero's journey. A book review of
Moons of Barsk
by Lawrence M. Schoen

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