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Recommended Reads (Mar)
A book review of
Chilbury Ladies' Choir
by Jennifer Ryan
An inspiring account of village women coming into their own as their societal roles are forced to adapt to wartime necessities in WW II England. An iron-willed dowager empress rules, but fears the once in a millennium opening of a magical portal, which always changes the world in unexpected ways. A book review of
Portal of a Thousand Worlds
by Dave Duncan
A book review of
Strong Cold Dead
by Jon Land
In this 8th in the series, an ISIS terrorist plot centers on a Comanche reservation, where horribly mutilated bodies have shown up down the years. Polly's plans to become a starship pilot are derailed when her mother sends her and her twin brother Charles to the prestigious Galileo Academy on Earth. A book review of
Martians Abroad
by Carrie Vaughn

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