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Recommended Reads (May)
A book review of
Bones of the Earth
by Eliot Pattison
This 10th (concluding) episode pits corrupt officials against old gods and leaves readers with hope for Shan Tao Yun and those he loves. Two remarkable women strive to form their own destinies in an alternate early Renaissance Italy (prequel to Children of Earth and Sky). A book review of
Brightness Long Ago
by Guy Gavriel Kay
A book review of
Memory Called Empire
by Arkady Martine
Mahit Dzmare, ambassador to the capital of the powerful Teixcalaanli Empire, is embroiled in Machiavellian politics. The 2nd in a hilarious series set in Paris, France and starring Commissaire Anne Capestan and her oddball squad of police rejects. A book review of
Stick Together
by Sophie Henaff

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