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Recommended Reads (Nov)
A book review of
We Know You Remember
by Tove Alsterdal
This outstanding police procedural, 1st in a new Swedish series, introduces detective Eira Sjödin who solves both a cold and a modern case (translated by Alice Menzies). Attorney Catherine Lockhart defends elderly Britta Stein after she spray paints a restaurant owned by a lauded Danish American - to Britta, he's a Nazi collaborator. A book review of
Defending Britta Stein
by Ronald H. Balson
A book review of
Spindle Splintered
by Alix E. Harrow
In this feminist extrapolation of Sleeping Beauty, Zinnia Gray is doomed to die young, but uses her time to help others 'who deserve better stories than the ones they were given.' In this 17th in the series, Walt and Henry Standing Bear investigate threats against a young indigenous athlete, whose sister disappeared the year before, and who is 'at war with the world.' A book review of
Daughter of the Morning Star
by Craig Johnson

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