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Recommended Reads (Aug)
A book review of
This Tender Land
by William Kent Krueger
This tale of 'killing and kidnapping and children pursued by demons of a thousand names' begins in the Lincoln School in 1932, Minnesota, on the banks of the Gilead. In this 4th Cahokian epic Night Shadow Star and Fire Cat are commanded by Morning Star to travel to Cofitachequi, and there kill his mad brother Walking Smoke. A book review of
Star Path
by W. Michael Gear
A book review of
Wherever She Goes
by Kelley Armstrong
Single mother Aubrey Finch is sure that she saw a small boy being kidnapped, but no one believes her! Can she save him, without losing her own daughter? A superlative YA mystery, based on the premise that not all psychic talents are superpowers, but even micropowers can make a very big difference. A book review of
Lost and Found
by Orson Scott Card

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