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Recommended Reads (Aug)
A book review of
Darkness Knows
by Arnaldur Indridason
After glacial melt reveals a human head, retired detective Konrad (of The Shadow District) is sucked back into a very cold case that long troubled him. This 9th in the series pits CIA operative Dewey Andreas against a well planned and executed Iranian attack on Manhattan, when the President is at the UN. A book review of
by Ben Coes
A book review of
Exiled Fleet
by J. S. Dewes
This 2nd in the series takes Cav back to home territory, where he discovers a shocking secret about his own origins, and about the Emperor's plans. This 1st in a new dark fantasy series has the feel of a re-telling of Robin Hood, then introduces a lead reminiscent of Joan of Arc, and becomes a very different story. A book review of
by Anthony Ryan

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