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Recommended Reads (July)
A book review of
Washington Decree
by Jussi Adler-Olsen
This standalone thriller postulates a series of events that steadily and inexorably lead the United States into an autocracy. This 'River Journey in Search of the Chinook' is an engrossing mix of lyrical travelogue and thought provoking environmental study. A book review of
Kings of the Yukon
by Adam Weymouth
A book review of
Sweet Little Lies
by Caz Frear
This intricate puzzle involves IVF, human trafficking, an aging gangster, and more than one dysfunctional family. In this 8th in the series, Dean Reeves goes on a killing spree - to send a message to Frieda, who has disappeared from her normal life. A book review of
Day of the Dead
by Nicci French

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