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Recommended Reads (April)
A book review of
Good Guys
by Steven Brust
A riveting blend of mystery and magic, with a smart aleck hero, a perplexing puzzle based on vengeance, and delightful dialogue throughout. A critical care physician/health reporter takes an extraordinarily empathetic look at what comes after aggressive interventions to save lives. A book review of
You Can Stop Humming Now
by Daniela Lamas
A book review of
Paris Secret
by Karen Swan
When fine art agent Flora Sykes assesses objets d'art in a Paris apartment abandoned since WW II, she doesn't expect to find it full of priceless art treasures! In this 3rd in the Rockton series, a serial thrill killer is brought to the isolated community, with instructions to keep him imprisoned for six months - why? A book review of
This Fallen Prey
by Kelley Armstrong

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