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Recommended Reads (Sep)
A book review of
World That We Knew
by Alice Hoffman
A creature of fantasy, a golem, is inserted into a heartbreaking Holocaust tale - a coming of age and a coming into humanity in a world devoid of the latter. A serial killer on the loose in Copenhagen, Denmark, his signature a chestnut man - a doll made by children out of matchsticks and two chestnuts. A book review of
Chestnut Man
by Soren Sveistrup
A book review of
Our Symphony with Animals
by Aysha Akhtar
Stories of recovery, renewal and hope, exploring how the kind of relationship we have with different animals support or damage our humanity. 1st in a series of relatively near future military SF, set in an Earth devastated by wars in which horrific bio-weapons were unleashed - and are being reborn. A book review of
Cry Pilot
by Joel Dane

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