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Ben Aaronovitch Midnight Riot
Ben Aaronovitch Whispers Under Ground
Daniel Abraham An Autumn War: The Long Price Quartet
Daniel Abraham A Betrayal in Winter: Book Two of the Long Price Quartet
Daniel Abraham The Dragon's Path: The Dagger and the Coin
Daniel Abraham A Shadow in Summer: Book One of the Long Price Quartet
Mario Acevedo The Nymphos of Rocky Flats
Mario Acevedo The Undead Kama Sutra
Mario Acevedo X-Rated Bloodsuckers
John Joseph Adams The Living Dead
Joan Aiken The Scream
Sebastia Alzamora Blood Crime
Jeff Amano & Gabriel Benson Fade from Grace
Ibrahim S. Amin The Monster Hunter's Handbook
Charlie Jane Anders All the Birds in the Sky
Howard L. Anderson Albert of Adelaide: A Novel
Kevin J. Anderson The Edge of the World: Terra Incognita Book 1
Poul Anderson Operation Luna
Piers Anthony Air Apparent: Xanth
Alex Archer Destiny: Rogue Angel
Alex Archer Forbidden City: Rogue Angel
Alex Archer God of Thunder: Rogue Angel Book 7
Alex Archer Serpent's Kiss: Rogue Angel
Alex Archer Solomon's Jar: Rogue Angel
Alex Archer The Spider Stone: Rogue Angel