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* * * David Weber The Excalibur Alternative US Orders
Order Can
Review Baen, 2003 (2002) Hardcover, Paperback
A group of 14th-century English knights and retainers is kidnapped by aliens to serve as 'enforcers' on technologically unadvanced worlds, in a tale that engages our moral passions as well as our interest. (TI)

* * David Weber Hell's Foundations Quiver: Safehold US Orders
Order Can
Review Tor, 2015 (2015) Hardcover, e-Book
The tide is finally turning in this 8th in the series. (HW)

* * * David Weber How Firm a Foundation: Safehold #5 US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Tor, 2011 (2011) Hardcover, CD, e-Book
This 5th in the saga develops the story on many fronts - in particular, the Group of Four launches a series of terrorist attacks on the Empire, and Merlin works to assure the safety of Princess Irys and Prince Daivyn of Corisande. (HW)

* * David Weber Like a Mighty Army: Safehold US Orders
Order Can
Review Tor, 2014 (2014) Hardcover, CD, e-Book
This 7th in the series has land and sea battles; high tech spycraft; villains in spades; an arms race like no other; instant communication across continents between the living and the dead; and the introduction of a new apprentice/companion for Merlyn. (HW)

* * * David Weber & John Ringo March to the Stars US Orders
Order Can
Review Baen, 2004 (2003) Hardcover, Paperback
Roger and his surviving marines face a perilous ocean voyage, followed by land battles to reach the spaceport at last. (TI)