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* * * Timothy Zahn Angelmass US Orders
Order Can
Review Tor, 2002 (2001) Hardcover, Paperback
The Empyrean catch and distribute entities, angels, which make people calm and truthful - the Adjutors of the Pax empire consider them a deadly threat to mankind to be destroyed. (WW)

* * * Sarah Zettel Kingdom of Cages US Orders
Order Can
Review Warner, 2002 (2001) Hardcover, Paperback
All but one of Earth's colonies are being ravaged by continually mutating disease. Starfleet forces threaten the exception, Pandora, unless a cure for the colonies' problems can be found. Sparkles with energy and imagination. (WW)

* * Sarah Zettel The Quiet Invasion US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Warner, 2001 (2000) Hardcover, Paperback
A research station on Venus has become home to 10,000 people. Now aliens have chosen the planet as a refuge from their dying cities. Both races have good intentions but neither is free from arrogance and fanaticism, which almost results in war. (WW)

* * * Marc Scott Zicree The Twilight Zone Companion US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Silman-James, 1999 (1983) Softcover, Paperback
Describes Rod Serling's creation of The Twilight Zone in the early days of television, with plot summaries and anecdotes from its 156 episodes. (MP)