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* * Laura George Excuse Me, Your Job Is Waiting: Attract the Work You Want US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt Hampton Roads, 2007 (2007) Softcover
This book is part of a series that applies the Law of Attraction principal to our daily lives. Positive thoughts attract positive solutions to problems. (LS)

* * * Carolyn Gerin & Kathleen Hughes Anti-Bride Etiquette Guide: The Rules - And How to Bend Them US Orders
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Review Chronicle, 2004 (2004) Paperback
A fun and informative book for the bride-to-be who appreciates traditional weddings but is considering a twist to the wedding of the past. (AB)

* * Lilach German Cookies, Cookies & More Cookies! US Orders
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Review Charlesbridge, 2011 (2011) Hardcover
This is the time of year when holiday baking means dusting off your old cookie recipes. If you are in an adventurous mood and would like to add a little zest to your usual fare, this is just the book to consult. (BW)

* * Masha Gessen Blood Matters US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt Harcourt, 2008 (2008) Hardcover
When Jewish journalist Masha Gessen receives the dreaded phone call confirming she tested positive for the BRCA1 gene, she must make a choice. Horrific preventive surgery removing breasts and ovaries? Or nerve-wracking, hyper-vigilant monitoring? Taking us into the inner sanctums of genetic research, she searches for an answer she can live with. (DK)