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Margaret Weis The Dragon's Son
Margaret Weis Master of Dragons
Margaret Weis Mistress of Dragons
Margaret Weis A Quest-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic
Michelle M. Welch The Bright and the Dark
Michelle M. Welch Chasing Fire
Dan Wells The Devil's Only Friend
Martha Wells The Gate of Gods: Book Three of the Fall of Ile-Rien
Martha Wells The Ships of Air: Book Two of the Fall of Ile-Rien
Martha Wells Wheel of the Infinite
Martha Wells The Wizard Hunters: Book One of The Fall of Ile-Rien
Michelle West Battle: The House War #5
Michelle West City of Night: A Novel of The House War
Michelle West The Hidden City: A Novel of The House War
Michelle West House Name: The House War Book Three
Michelle West The Riven Shield
Michelle West Sea of Sorrows
Michelle West The Shining Court
Michelle West Skirmish: House War #4
Michelle West The Sun Sword: Book Six