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Kili Climb
by Hilary Williamson
(page 7)

I remembered what it was like in the dream. We were worn out but excited to see the sunrise. We were really thirsty too - it was so cold that the water in our bottles had frozen. We just flaked out on the rocks and wondered if we could go on. Half the group had already given up and gone back to Horombo but we hoped we would make it with the rest. 

We went higher on Kibo and it was magic - a whole alien world of glaciers and ice sparkling in the sun, all around us.  It seemed easier and I was sure we would get to the top.

Then Amir's headache got much worse and he started acting silly, giggling and throwing rocks at Mawenzi.  Lizzie felt dizzy and said she was going to throw up. I wondered what to do, and saw Siara staring back at me. I heard him as if he was beside me 'One person is thin porridge; three people are a lump of ugali.' Still don't have a clue what ugali is, but got the idea. I knew it was safer for us to stay together.

Lizzie said I should go on without them but I couldn't do that. I helped my friends go down and fifteen hours after we started up Kibo, we were back at Horombo Huts again.

We felt sad that we had not reached the summit, but when Siara came back from the final ascent, he sat down beside us and said 'Remember, that which has passed is not a disease; cure what is coming. Your peaks lie ahead. Dream and you will climb them.'

Siara said some cool things once you figured out what he meant.

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