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A book review of
by Jo Nesbo
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A book review of
Fifth Element
by Jorgen Brekke
A book review of
Swiss Vendetta
by Tracee de Hahn Columns
Post-Truth ???
Win: Invisible Dead
Measure of the Moon
Generation Space
Shadow Run
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Gentleman from Japan
A Most Novel Revenge
Kiss the Bricks
Bum Luck
A book review of
Land of Wolves
by T. J. Turner
A book review of
Lucky Boy
by Shanthi Sekaran Excerpts
Vinegar Girl
Among the Ruins
Summer Before the War
The Lost City of Z
The Waking Fire
Quantum Night
Last to Die
Secrets & Sequences
Flame Never Dies
Shadow Run
A book review of
Measure of the Moon
by Lisa Preston
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