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A book review of
Destroyer Angel
by Nevada Barr
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A book review of
Weapon of Vengeance
by Mukul Deva
A book review of
Good, the Bad, and the Emus
by Donna Andrews Columns
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Sammy's Shelf
Win: Dear Daughter
A Dangerous Fiction
The House of the Four Winds
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Tabula Rasa
Don't Ever Look Back
Unwilling Accomplice
Woman Before Wallis
Blood of the Lamb
A book review of
by David Thomas
A book review of
Good Suicides
by Antonio Hill Excerpts
The Arsonist
Enemies at Home
The Zhivago Affair
Hurricane Fever
Tower Lord
Copper Magic
Queen of the Tearling
Fire Wish
A book review of
Earth Awakens
by Orson Scott Card
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