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A book review of
Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League
by Jonathan Odell
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A book review of
Gray Mountain
by John Grisham
A book review of
Cold Cold Heart
by Tami Hoag Columns
That Little Bit More
BookLoons Recommended Reads 2014
Win: Changing the Conversation
Home for Dinner
New Reviews
Die Again
One Step Too Far
The Replacements
Winter at the Door
The Traders' War
A book review of
by Ursula Archer
A book review of
North of Boston
by Elisabeth Elo Excerpts
First Impressions
The Pierced Heart
The Bright Continent
Fields of Blood
The Boost
Black Stars
Absolutely Truly
Like Water on Stone
Essential Classics
Jane Eyre
A book review of
Empty Throne
by Bernard Cornwell
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