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* * * Warren Adler The Children of the Roses US Orders
Order Can
Review Sourcebooks, 2004 (2004) Hardcover
This sequel to The War of the Roses re-explores the themes of the first book from a new angle and with a new generation. (DP)

* * * Jussi Adler-Olsen The Washington Decree US Orders
Order Can
Review Dutton, 2018 (2018) Hardcover, CD, e-Book
This standalone thriller (translated by Steve Schein) postulates a series of events that steadily and inexorably lead the United States into an autocracy. (HW)

* * Cecelia Ahern The Book of Tomorrow US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Harper, 2011 (2011) Hardcover, e-Book
Tamara Goodwin's life falls apart when her father commits suicide. (MS)

* * Cecelia Ahern PS, I Love You US Orders
Order Can
Review Hyperion, 2004 (2004) Hardcover, Audio, CD
Newly widowed Holly must come to terms with the loss of her beloved husband Gerry. (MS)