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Heat Stroke: Weather Warden    by Rachel Caine order for
Heat Stroke
by Rachel Caine
Order:  USA  Can
Roc, 2004 (2004)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

At the end of Ill Wind, (book one of the Weather Warden series) Warden Joanne Baldwin has a showdown with the demon trying to destroy her. She escapes death only after she's transformed into a djinn by David, her enigmatic traveling companion, occasional lover and -- as she finds out early on in the second installment Heat Stroke -- the second most powerful djinn in existence.

Only after she meets the equally enigmatic Jonathan (the most powerful djinn in existence) does Joanne understand what her transformation has cost David. Why didn't he tell her that he sacrificed half his power to create her? Why didn't he tell her that he is dying by slow degrees to keep her alive? And why didn't the stubborn djinn she loves more than life itself (well her new life anyway) tell her that in creating her he broke more than one of the djinn's golden rules, that the very fabric of the universe is decaying, and that she's the only one who can fix it? But before Joanne can save the world (and the djinn she loves) she has to outsmart a few new enemies who have other plans for her -- and for David and Jonathan.

In Heat Stroke, Rachel Caine presents a worthy and exciting sequel that further explores the world of the Weather Wardens and of the djinn who are pressed into their service. Joanne is a bold, honorable and smart-mouthed heroine who lets nothing stand in her way. By the end of Heat Stroke, the stakes have climbed even higher than in the first episode, leaving another wonderful cliffhanger that Caine is certain to explore with equal zeal and imagination in the next installment of this fresh and enjoyable fantasy series.

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