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Oceanarium: Welcome to the Museum    by Loveday Trinick & Teagan White order for
by Loveday Trinick
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Candlewick, 2022 (2022)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Visiting beach or shore any time soon? Here's an excellent resource to inform your trip - Oceanarium: Welcome to the Museum by marine biologist Loveday Trinick, amply and vividly illustrated by Teagan White. Though the volume is aimed at ages eight to twelve, teens and adults will also appreciate its presentation of this huge, wild and largely unexplored part of our world.

The Preface explains the importance of water to life (underwater and on land) on our planet. An Entrance invites readers (young and old) to 'discover the secrets of the sea' and explore it for themselves. It introduces Ocean Zones (and what lives at each depth) and describes the formation of our Blue Planet, with water covering more than seventy percent of its surface.

Subsequent Galleries introduce Plankton (among the smallest ocean dwellers); Cnidaria (like jellyfish); Mollusks and Echinoderms (from clams to octopuses); Arthropods (like shrimp and lobster); Fish (did you know that seahorses are fish?); Mammals (seals, whales, manatee ...); Birds (love the blue-footed booby!); Reptiles (like turtles, saltwater crocodiles and sea snakes); and finally One Ocean.

Included in the Galleries are presentations of varied ocean habitats, such as tide pools, kelp and mangrove forests, the Poles and Galapagos Islands. The last Gallery talks about the Open Ocean ('one of humanity's greatest resources'); our often destructive interactions with it; and the need for protective measures.

Dive into Oceanarium: Welcome to the Museum for a deeper understanding of marine habitats and their importance to humanity's future on Earth. This Museum's Curators offer a list of resource at the end for further exploration of this fascinating subject.

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