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The Magical Christmas Horse    by Mary Higgins Clark & Wendell Minor order for
Magical Christmas Horse
by Mary Higgins Clark
Order:  USA  Can
Simon & Schuster, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Suspense writer Mary Higgins Clark has created a warm holiday story about a young boy who, with a little help from his grandfather and father, makes Christmas very special for his little brother.

Johnny remembers a special wooden horse he played on when he was three years old and the family visited his grandparents. It was reputedly made by one of his great-grandfathers. Johnny use to pedal the toy around his grandparents' farmhouse.

Now, years later, the family is going to leave their Arizona home and visit his grandparents in snowy Connecticut. Johnny tells Liam about the special toy and what fun he will have playing with it.

Alas, when they arrive at the farm it doesn't take Johnny long to realize that the horse is nowhere to be found. While rummaging around in his grandparents' large attic, Johnny uncovers another old wooden horse but it is in terrible condition.

'The neck and three legs were broken, and the wheels were either missing or broken. The wood was cracked all over.' This was not something that could be put under the Christmas tree for Liam!

With Christmas just hours away, it appears Johnny's brother isn't going to receive the special gift Johnny has promised. But then something quite magical happens and the next morning both brothers receive very memorable Christmas presents!

This is a story that all age levels will find enjoyable. Not only does Mary Higgins Clark create a warm, seasonal tale, but Wendell Minor's captivating paintings are also quite lovely and beautifully evoke the season.

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