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Chaosbound: The Eighth Book of the Runelords    by David Farland order for
by David Farland
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Kevin Fournier

Chaosbound is the eighth episode (following The Wyrmling Horde) in David Farland's popular Runelords series. As the sixth episode (Sons of the Oak) ended, Fallion Orden bound together two shadow worlds - of the countless ones splintered when the Seal of Creation was broken - and was captured by Knight Eternal Vulgnash, servant to Lord Despair.

In the seventh episode, The Wyrmling Horde, the new world's inhabitants had to adjust to the devastating aftereffects of the binding, which caused widespread changes to individuals and to entire landscapes. A small group (including Rhianna, Talon and the Emir) accepted multiple endowments of attributes and made a desperate attempt to rescue Fallion.

This episode, Chaosbound, diverges from the main storyline to follow Borenson and his family as they are caught up in the merging of the worlds. As Borenson's clan enjoy a simple farming life, Fallion's binding of the world results in calamity when Landsfallen suddenly sinks below sea level.

Even worse is the fact that, just like his daughter Talon, Borenson is merged with his shadow self and must deal with being the only giant amongst his old people. Now the family must make its way to Rofehaven - braving the ocean and the wyrmling horde that lies beyond it - in order to see what can be salvaged from the binding of worlds.

David Farland continues his series with another great book full of action and adventure. Though he continues to plunge his characters into increasingly desperate and devastating situations, readers can't help but wonder how the protagonists will prevail against the overwhelming darkness and restore their apocalyptic world.

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