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Cry Wolf: An Alpha and Omega Novel    by Patricia Briggs order for
Cry Wolf
by Patricia Briggs
Order:  USA  Can
Ace, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

While Cry Wolf is set in the same world as Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series, it stars a very different heroine. Mercy is a down to earth mechanic, but also a shapechanger who can turn into a coyote and has mysterious abilities that vampires fear. Her childhood friend Samuel, a werewolf and physician, has a walk on part in this new Alpha and Omega series, in which his brother Charles is a lead.

The other Cry Wolf lead, Anna Latham, is a very special - and rare - kind of werewolf, an Omega. Neither dominant nor submissive, she is a 'treasure in a pack. A source of purpose and of balance' with strong protective instincts. Unfortunately Anna was badly abused on the orders of her previous pack Alpha (now dead), which has left her timid and fearful. As the story opens, Charles and Anna are mates, Charles having been badly wounded by silver bullets while helping Anna. Charles' father, Bran Cornick - the Marrok to whom all the werewolf packs answer - is helping Anna move from Chicago to their home in Aspen Creek, Montana.

While Anna adjusts to her new life - helped by her new friend Sage and hindered by the Marrok's nasty wife Leah - and Charles is still recovering from his injuries, his father is forced to assign him an urgent task. A vicious kill in the Cabinet Wilderness needs investigation. Of course, Anna insists on accompanying him. What they encounter is more than they bargained for - Mariposa, a powerful black witch with a long history with one of the Marrok's pack and an ability to control werewolves through pack bonds. In addition to Anna, Charles and the Marrok, two others embroiled in this desperate fight for dominance are Asil, an ancient werewolf barely holding to sanity and ex-soldier/werewolf Walter who's long lived in the wild.

This series looks like it should be just as absorbing as Mercy's - note that Mercy Thompson fans can enjoy an excerpt from her next adventure, Bone Crossed, in the back of this book. In Alpha and Omega, I'm looking forward to seeing how Anna settles into her new role - and how that role develops - in the wilds of Montana.

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