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Mammoth Pie    by Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross order for
Mammoth Pie
by Jeanne Willis
Order:  USA  Can
Andersen, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

As Jeanne Willis's story begins, it looks like a Little Red Hen lesson in caveman cooperation, as thin Og spies a fat mammoth on a mountaintop and enlists Ug, Gog, Bog, Nog, and finally Mog to help him make a Mammoth Pie.

As they pull together everything required to trap and cook a mammoth, they sing their song: 'We're fed up with eating weeds! / No more weeds! No more seeds! / Meat is what a caveman needs! / Meat is what a caveman needs!'

But the 'mammoth thought, "I'd like to see them try!"' and he had good reason, which reveals itself in a riotous ending - made even more so by Tony Ross's goofy illustrations - that will have kids cheering and demanding a re-read. Mammoth Pie is monumental fun.

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