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Ghost of a Chance
by Kate Marsh
Order:  USA  Can
Signet, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Katie MacAlister, best known for her paranormal romance series featuring Guardian Aisling Grey, has now branched out into mysteries under the pen name Kate Marsh. Ghost of a Chance is a fun cozy with lots of paranormal elements thrown in.

Karma Marx's life is pretty horrible at the moment. She is under a wergeld for accidently killing her friend at age six; her younger cousin committed suicide after being brutally raped three weeks ago; her father has brought her definitive proof that her husband Spider is cheating on her; and she somehow has become the foster parent for a troubled teen poltergeist named Pixie or whatever her name of choice for the moment is. Things do begin to look up a bit when Spider, a Realtor and property investor, offers a divorce if she will clean the house he just bought.

Karma agrees to remove the spirits from the house but is planning on relocating them, not banishing them to Akasha, a spirit limbo. Spider does not trust her, so brings along his partner who has an exterminating device of his own. Already mad at Spider for buying the house out from under him, the true owner of the house, a poltergeist and member of the Watch named Adam seals the house for twelve hours when Spider tests out his exterminating device. While the house is sealed meaning no one can get in or out Spider winds up dead. Now it is up to Karma and Adam to find the murderer among a bunch of humans and Otherworld denizens.

Ghost of a Chance is an entertaining and fast read. Karma is a very likable protagonist with whom readers can really connect. Marsh also throws in a major twist at the end that mystery fans will enjoy. Although known more for the paranormal romance genre, Marsh seems to know her mysteries, paying homage to various fictional detectives and also successfully employing a technique first used by the queen of mystery, Dame Agatha Christie herself (I cannot say what technique because it would give too much away).

Both paranormal fans and mystery fans who are looking for something different should pick up Kate Marsh's Ghost of a Chance. This fun, paranormal cozy is sure to please fans of both genres.

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