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Richard Scarry's Busiest Pop-Up Ever!    by Richard Scarry order for
Richard Scarry's Busiest Pop-Up Ever!
by Richard Scarry
Order:  USA  Can
Golden Books, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Richard Scarry's Busiest Pop-Up Ever! delivers according to the words in its title - Busytown scenes in 3D glory, with tons of tabs for busy little hands to pull, flaps to turn, and all kinds of delightful details to pore over.

The book opens to unfold 'a busy day at the Busytown seaport', where cargo is unloaded and a truck full of bananas is ready for the market (I love details like the upside down 'This Side Up' label on a crate). If you look carefully, Bananas Gorilla can be seen hiding behind stacked cargo. Pull the tabs to see the thief in action - stealing the bananas!

Soon Sergeant Murphy's on the trail. It takes him to the train station - where young readers can open carriage windows and help his search - and a busy town center, full of traffic. Ah, there's the thief in his Bananamobile, causing a spectacular yellow pileup to pop up on the final pages.

But Murphy gets his gorilla and warns him 'not to take things that don't belong to you, no matter how good they taste.' Kids will have tremendous fun tracking down the thief and discovering what's behind windows and under manholes in Richard Scarry's Busiest Pop-Up Ever!

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