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Abraham Lincoln for Kids: His Life and Times with 21 Activities    by Janis Herbert order for
Abraham Lincoln for Kids
by Janis Herbert
Order:  USA  Can
Chicago Review Press, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Anise Hollingshead

Abraham Lincoln for Kids is one in a series of books on famous people and events. Designed to be informative and factual, with just enough fictionalization to be entertaining, it's a delight to read and details Lincoln's life from childhood to his death. The format is a combination book and newspaper, with content broken up into easily digestible sections. Each chapter is laid out like a chapter in a book, but has pictures, inserted stories and cartoons throughout. As the pictures and cartoons are not in color, the newspaper effect is heightened.

Information is presented in an entertaining, informative style. Quotes from family members and friends are used extensively, giving it an almost you were there flavor. Although ostensibly for young people, older people will enjoy it, too! I found myself reading for pleasure, not just for reviewing purposes. I learned many things about Abraham Lincoln I didn't previously know. To keep things interesting, a certain license is taken with speculation on people's feelings and motives, but is kept to a minimum. Sometimes adjectives are used to slant opinion, but again, not enough to be detrimental to learning about Lincoln and his era. Several fun activities, games and crafts are demonstrative of games and items that people used in Lincoln's day.

I especially enjoyed the sections on Lincoln's early life. It is interesting to see how real children lived back then, and how determination can help advance anyone who has the desire to learn. With the very limited amount of education Lincoln received at school and home, it is amazing how he educated himself from the time he was a teenager with the help of just a few books his stepmother brought with her. Abraham Lincoln for Kids is a very good book and resource for school, or for home.

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