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God of Thunder: Rogue Angel Book 7    by Alex Archer order for
God of Thunder
by Alex Archer
Order:  USA  Can
Gold Eagle, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Archeologist Annja Creed barely returns from one adventure when she's flung right into the middle of another after noticing four suspicious looking men tailing her as she's heading to her loft. Once she's dispatched the mercenaries, she discovers they were after a package that her old friend, Mario Fellini forwarded to her for safekeeping. Sensing that Mario is in serious trouble, she desperately tries tracking him down, but ultimately is too late. His brutalized body is discovered at a local hotel.

Determined to find those responsible for killing her friend, Annja unravels the coded message she discovers in his package. These clues take her to Venice and then to the dark forests of Latvia in search of the mythical Hammer of Thor. But as always, there are those who want the artifact, not for its historical relevance, but rather for its monetary value. Latvian Baron Wolfram Schluter is just such a man - he orders his paid killers to dispatch the annoyingly resilient American archeologist the moment she's located the fabled artifact and the vast treasure said to be hidden away alongside it. But the greedy Baron has no idea that Annja's determination far outweighs his.

Action, adventure, suspense, a history lesson coupled with a nice dash of mythological speculation - and most important, rich, three-dimensional characterizations - make the Rogue Angel series addictive fun. This time, Archer injects real vulnerability into Annja's character as she mourns the loss of Mario - as well as questioning other friendships she's made, including that of the immortal Roux. Garin Braden is also on hand to lend a few twists to the tale. Both the immortals' motivations remain tantalizingly ambiguous - particularly that of Braden, who always seems to switch to the good side at an important turning point. God of Thunder is another great installment to what's fast becoming one of the best and most imaginative action adventure series around.

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