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For a Few Demons More
by Kim Harrison
Order:  USA  Can
Eos, 2007 (2007)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

I was hooked from the start with the publication of Kim Harrison's Dead Witch Walking, which introduced witch Rachel Mariana Morgan and her paranormal adventures. In this fifth episode, For a Few Demons More, some circumstances remain the same - such as the tingle on Rachel's neck from vamp Ivy's bite - with romances doubled and troubled, and outstanding new predicaments to entice readers, involving the capers of private investigators (aka Vampiric Charms) Rachel and vampire Ivy.

An unexpected visit of a few demons at Rachel and Ivy's humble home means that someone must be hired to re-sanctify church and grounds. The demon who created the damage was Newt, attempting to get at Rachel. Neighbor elf Cerdiwen (Ceri) Merriam Dulciate assists Rachel in the formation of the pentagram. When Ceri asks why she was summoning demons in the first place, Rachel responds, 'I didn't call it. It showed up on its own ... Like I would even touch demon magic now? My soul was already tainted with enough demon smut to paint a gymnasium.' Ceri deduces that 'Demons can't show up on their own ... Someone must have summoned it, then let it go improperly.'

Glenn of the Federal Inderland Bureau contacts Rachel for assistance in identifying bodies of female Weres at the morgue. What Rachel's old boss and nemesis, agent Denon has labeled as suicides, Glenn and Rachel believe are murders. When Rachel's friend Were David learns of the dead Jane Wolfs, he grieves, 'I think I'm killing my girlfriends ... They're missing ... I think I'm blanking out and killing them'.

Trent Kalamack, 'the bane of Rachel's existence', is one of the city's councilmen, in addition to being the Northern Hemisphere's most eligible bachelor. He runs half of the city's underworld, plus owns a good portion of the 'world's illegal Brimstone trade', and is involved in 'punishable-by-death dealings in genetic manipulations and outlawed medicines'. Regardless, Trent approaches Rachel to run security (in the guise of a bridesmaid) at his upcoming nuptials to upper-crust elf Ellasbeth Withon. On the wedding rehearsal night, an incoming demon is discovered.

Rachel's landlord, mastervamp Piscary has been serving jail time (based on Rachel's testimony) for the murder of a few witches. Rachel learns that Piscary has been pardoned and released from prison. The plot lines, along with the magic ley lines, compound when Rachel's current boyfriend, vampire Kisten loses his job. The focus, a five-thousand-year old artifact in Rachel's possession, is sought after by many for its power; Ivy goes missing; and Rachel delivers an arrest warrant, giving an interesting version of the Miranda law.

Kim Harrison's addictive tales of life in the Hollows of Cincinnati, Ohio bite readers in the right places. Rachel Mariana Morgan is a strong, irresistible, and well-defined character, who carries a 'bag of charms and splat gun in a thigh holster, a pair of heavy-duty toenail clippers large enough to use on an elephant, a hefty amount of ley line energy spindled in her head, wears an invoked pain charm around her neck, and kick-butt black boots'. Enjoy For a Few Demons More, but if this is your first exposure to the series, I recommend reading the earlier episodes first.

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