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Visit the Bread Baker: Tangerine and Kiwi    by Laïla Héloua & Nathalie Lapierre order for
Visit the Bread Baker
by Laïla Héloua
Order:  USA  Can
Owl, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

In Tangerine and Kiwi: Visit the Bread Baker, the sister and brother stay overnight at their grandpa's house. He's a baker, and in the morning, they go together to the bakehouse, where he teaches them to make bread.

Mom prepares the flour mixture - and explains where flour comes from - while Grandpa starts the fire. They make the dough and Grandpa explains what yeast does. The children knead the dough and while it rests, Mom takes out a photo album and tells them about what it was like when she was little. When the dough's ready, they put it in the oven and finally enjoy 'yummy fresh-baked bread!'

The story is simple and straightforward, and the illustrations fresh and charming. At the back of the book is a page explaining how flour is made, and about different types of grains. It concludes with Grandpa's Homemade Bread Recipe, so that young readers can make and try 'Tangerine and Kiwi's favourite bread' (we're advised to eat it while it's warm!)

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