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Vampire Apocalypse: A World Torn Asunder    by Derek Gunn order for
Vampire Apocalypse
by Derek Gunn
Order:  USA  Can
Black Death, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

The End of Days has occurred and with human survivors becoming more insular and suspicious of their neighbors, the world's vampires strike after centuries of biding their time. With the downfall of technology and communication, and human pitted against human to procure dwindling food and other necessities, the vampire hordes finally have free reign to enslave and feed on humanity. They corral their cattle and inject them with a special serum to keep them unaware and docile. Still others are chosen to become Thralls - footmen and procurers for their vampire masters while they sleep during the day. Thralls' inhuman inclinations and appetites are sometimes more sinister than those of their masters.

John Harris is determined to win his world back from its vampire masters. His small band of rebels carry out daring raids within the vampire controlled cities to rescue fellow humans and steal supplies. During one of these raids, Harris and his followers discover that the serum they've devised ways to evade may be their downfall. The vampires, led by their vicious leader Nero, have clued in to the deception and search for a new way to tag those who continue defying their control. Now it's a final showdown to decide who will maintain control of the globe - Harris's ragtag band of rebels or Nero's minions.

While the serum angle adds an interesting twist, it's really not enough of one to raise the plot above what's rather pedestrian vampire fare. Nor do the characters, including lead John Harris, rise above the two-dimensional. Gunn's writing style however, is very engaging, particularly his action sequences. They are plentiful, intense, appropriately blood-soaked and will appeal to anyone who enjoys lots of gunplay, close contact fighting, a high body count and assorted carnage, as humans fight tooth and nail to stem the tide of Vampire Apocalypse: a World Torn Asunder.

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