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Can It: Princess Natasha #5    by KOL order for
Can It
by KOL
Order:  USA  Can
Little, Brown & Co., 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Can It is the fifth episode in the Princess Natasha series, which can also be watched on Cartoon Network. Princess Natasha of Zoravia has gone undercover as a high school exchange student in Illinois, where she spies - helped by small, nerdy Oleg Boynski - on her school principal, who is also her science teacher and evil uncle Lubek.

This adventure slides quickly down a Slippery Slope, as Natasha and her friend Maya snowboard, practicing for the New Year's Eve Midnight Run at Fountain Park Mountain Resort. At the top of the run, the princess gets a Booferberry alert from her dad, who believes that Lubek's absconding with large quantities of garbage.

It turns out that Oleg has invented a Squisher-Squasher to reduce the world's high volume of garbage to can-sized bricks. Why is Lubek stealing them? Natasha dogsleds after him, and works out his latest nefarious plan against Zoravia. But can she stop it before her country is taken over via counterfeit holiday crackers?

Of course, Natasha saves the day at New Year, with Oleg's assistance and the usual athletic stunts. You almost have to feel sorry for Lubek, who's foiled by his clever niece time and time again.

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