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Project: Bedroom: Disney Cuties    by Apple Jordan order for
Project: Bedroom
by Apple Jordan
Order:  USA  Can
RH/Disney, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

Want a new look for your bedroom? Disney Cuties' Project: Bedroom fits the bill, providing fun ideas to suit many décor tastes. As well as text, this colorful softcover book includes window clings, wall stencils, and light-switch covers.

Apple Jordan advises, 'Your bedroom is your own private space - the place you go to daydream, read, do your homework, hang out with friends, and catch up on your beauty sleep. Your room is all about YOU!' The Disney Cuties (assorted Disney characters) say it's 'time to redecorate' when you're feeling blue or want to show your own style, and suggest how to arrange a room shared with your sister. Answers to a Cuties Quiz will help you define décor to fit your personality, whether you are fun and creative, 'have a sunny personality', or love nature. Just adding pillows to sit on the floor while reading a book, or rearranging the furniture, will enhance the real you and provide a comfy bedroom atmosphere.

Did you know that mirrors add a look of spaciousness to small rooms? There are additional suggestions to keep your bedroom space tidy and neat; for windows of sun catchers to brighten the room's mood; and for hanging framed pictures of your favorite photos or pictures cut out of a magazine. Consider as well a framed copy of your favorite book cover to add pizazz! Have a Room Decorating Party, inviting friends to help. Sounds like great fun and shared experiences, especially when you replace an ordinary lightbulb with a 'cool colored bulb and create some funky mood lighting!' Remember that Girl Power also means having fun, and redecorating is powerful!

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