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Solomon's Jar: Rogue Angel    by Alex Archer order for
Solomon's Jar
by Alex Archer
Order:  USA  Can
Gold Eagle, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Archeologist and 21st century adventuress Anja Creed leaps into action once again in this second installment of the Rogue Angel series. Anja is a devout student of history with a sincere conviction that no ancient artifact should ever be exploited or used for evil purposes. Even so, she realizes that she must choose her battles wisely and her credo becomes even more important now that she's been tapped as the guardian of humanity's secrets. The fact that she's able to call Joan of Arc's mystical sword out of thin air any time she needs to thwart those who would abuse or destroy those very secrets is something she hasn't quite come to terms with yet. But with the help of her charming, and ageless mentor Roux, she's beginning to understand and accept her newly forged destiny.

When rumors begin circulating that King Solomon's Jar has been unearthed, Anja's interest is naturally piqued. Certain the jar her various contacts are talking about isn't the real one, she nonetheless travels to Amsterdam to investigate. She discovers a dead shopkeeper, a missing artifact and a deadly Russian intent on stopping her search. She manages to elude capture, but it soon becomes clear that everybody suddenly wants a piece of whatever power - or evil - is locked away inside Solomon's Jar. Next to stand in her way is the leader of a fertility cult with visions of a new world order and then a religious zealot who believes that it is his - and his followers' - right to control the powers within the jar. Relying on her wits, her knowledge of history and her mystical sword, Anja vows to keep Solomon's jar out of the hands of those intent on re-shaping or perhaps destroying the world.

While the pacing and the dialogue are not as sharp as in the introductory installment, Archer continues doing a nice job of presenting larger-than-life heroine Anja and her new calling. She's a smart, capable and well-drawn character who will certainly appeal to female readers as much as the more action-oriented male audience. Showcasing various exotic locales and cultures adds flair to the story, as does an unexpected and satisfying plot twist at the end. For fans of high adventure, crackling action and history with an intriguing paranormal twist, Rogue Angel: Solomon's Jar makes for an enjoyable read.

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