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Broken: Women of the Otherworld #3    by Kelley Armstrong order for
by Kelley Armstrong
Order:  USA  Can
Spectra, 2006 (2006)
Paperback, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

When Elena Michaels is contacted by an old friend with a request to do a simple bit of burglary, she's thrilled. Ever since discovering her pregnancy, Elena's been a bit stressed out. It's bad enough that she's the only living female werewolf. The extra worry about safely bringing her twins to term only adds to her anxiety level. Nor does it help matters to have her mate Clayton and pack leader Jeremy hovering over her and watching her every move like two overprotective mother hens. Elena leaps at the chance to get away from Stonehaven and head home to Toronto for a few days. Clay and Jeremy however, both harbor legitimate misgivings about half-demon Xavier Reese's real agenda. But the trio eventually agree that a short outing would do them all some good. And stealing a letter allegedly written by Jack the Ripper himself is admittedly a very intriguing prospect.

The theft itself turns out to be incredibly simple. But before handing the purloined letter over to Xavier, the trio decides to take a quick peek - and that's when all hell breaks loose. A drop of Elena's blood falls onto the parchment, opens a portal to the Victorian era, and releases a vicious killer and his faithful zombies. Elena, Clay, Jeremy - and some old friends from previous books - desperately try to figure out a way to stop the zombies and seal the rift they've inadvertently opened. But all their frantic efforts fail. Soon, Torontonians are dealing with not only killer rats but also the diseases that they carried in their era. And Elena finds that she's become the target of a conscienceless sorcerer who's itching to get his hands on her babies. Newborn werewolf twins are a priceless commodity in the black magic market. But Elena - who has no intention of letting the sorcerer destroy her family - risks everything in a last ditch effort to send him back where he came from.

Of the many paranormal series out there right now, Women of the Otherworld, is one of the most enjoyable. Broken adds another imaginative chapter to the whole. Now that they're about to become parents, Elena and Clay have become more settled and sure of what was once a very combative relationship, but neither is in any way tamed. And though Jeremy remains an enigmatic and intriguing character, it seems that romance might soon be in the air for him with a certain shy necromancer. Numerous cast members from previous books make return appearances as well, which only adds to the fun. Kelley Armstrong has created another well-written, sharp, and edgy story in Broken - it's not to be missed.

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