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Looking for Susie    by Bernadine Cook & Marie-Louise Scull order for
Looking for Susie
by Bernadine Cook
Order:  USA  Can
Linnet Books, 1991 (1959)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

It's suppertime - 'But where is Susie?' In a setting drawn from illustrator Marie-Louise Scull's grandparents' farm in Sweden, Bernadine Cook tells a charming tale of disappearing children.

One after the other, Mother sends Bobby and Annie to find the previous missing child, then has to search herself. What is it that has caught everyone's attention? The author draws out the suspense while showing us the children's surroundings - the chicken coop, the playhouse, the swing in the orchard, the cows in the barn.

What will Mother do when she finds her children? Bernadine Cook shows us what any good mother will do in such a situation, then asks 'What do you think of that?' Looking for Susie is a sweet classic that resonates well with timeless family interaction.

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