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Already Dead
by Charlie Huston
Order:  USA  Can
Del Rey, 2005 (2005)

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* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Joe Pitt is just an average New Yorker if you overlook the fact that he's a vampyre. A loner, he eludes warring vampyre clans that try to entice him to swear allegiance to them. But not belonging puts him in constant danger. The various clans view him as a patsy, and while they sometimes throw work his way, he is also frequently beaten up, shot at, and tortured for information on rival clans. Vampyre immortality is not as sure a thing in Huston's story as most vampire myths might have you believe.

Pitt is hired to find a fourteen-year-old runaway, who is the daughter of a wealthy medical researcher. At the same time he is tapped by the Coalition, the largest vampyre clan, to destroy a brain eating zombie. While looking for both, Joe's blood stash is stolen and he is drugged by the girl's father, who pushes him out onto the street just as the sun begins to rise.

Already Dead is fast paced and violent, with wit and humor that rockets to a slightly less than satisfying ending. Joe Pitt may not be the smartest or toughest vampyre, but he is certainly the most stubborn. After reading Charlie Houston's satirical description of the clans who are intent on drafting him for their own purposes, his stubbornness can only be seen as a virtue.

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