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The Vampire's Seduction    by Raven Hart order for
Vampire's Seduction
by Raven Hart
Order:  USA  Can
Del Rey, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Vampire William Cuyler Thorne has such loathing for the monster who make him a vampire that he has created only one vampire himself. That vampire is Lucky Jack, a good-ole-boy found dying by William on a Civil War battleground. The only two vampires in Savannah, Georgia, they have a rocky father-son relationship, complete with the baggage that comes with an age difference of three hundred or so years.

Jack runs an all night garage, loves driving fast cars and the company of fast women - who out of necessity usually don't last as long as his cars. Not that he kills them or even drinks their blood. He's not into killing unless someone really deserves it, like a serial killer or child rapist, but it's not easy to keep a girl when he works nights, sleeps during the day and has to stay out of the sun.

William, a wealthy socialite, craves death, but when the threat is real he has no intention of giving up his undead status without a fight. Especially since the threat comes from his creator, a powerful vampire without morals or scruples who killed William's beloved wife and son five hundred years before.

Mind games between powerful vampires, voodoo, shape-shifters, and ghosts flit through this exciting story of evil verses not-so-evil vampires. It's told in first person by both William and Jack, the voice of each vampire strong and clearly defined. The Vampire's Seduction is sure to be the first in a series about the Savannah vampires. Many promising characters were only introduced, and their stories long to be told.

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