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Our Twitchy    by Kes Gray & Mary McQuillan order for
Our Twitchy
by Kes Gray
Order:  USA  Can
Red Fox, 2005 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Our Twitchy is the story of an adorable little bunny, who one day notices that his parents, Sedge and Milfoil, aren't exactly like him. When asked, they explain the reason they don't hop like he does - they're not actually his Bunnymum and Bunnydad - they're a cow and a horse!

Sedge and Milfoil adopted Twitchy because his real parents already had sixteen bunnies to feed. And they do their best to create a bunny environment for him, from living in a rather large burrow to dining on carrots. When they look in a stream and ask Twitchy what he sees, he endearingly replies, 'I see two great big kind smiles that always make me feel happy'.

After his parents tell him of his adoption, Twitchy runs away, causing them great anxiety, 'big sighs and heavy hearts'. But Kes Gray writes a heartwarming reunion, enhanced by Mary McQuillan's sweet and simple illustrations. Our Twitchy is a delightful story that approaches adoption with both sensitivity and humor.

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