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Winter Moon    by Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee & C. E. Murphy order for
Winter Moon
by Mercedes Lackey
Order:  USA  Can
Luna, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Two veteran fantasy writers and one newcomer bring readers a trio of engaging stories in this new anthology. In Moontide by Mercedes Lackey, Moira na Ferson leaves behind the seclusion and security of The Grey Ladies and returns home to Sea Keep, where she must decide whether to obey her father, the King, and accept his alliance with a questionable prince, or follow the path of a Fool, and discover within herself the insight and magic that will either destroy or save her kingdom.

Tanith Lee also offers a fine tale in The Heart of the Moon. Clirando, an untested warrior priestess, struggles with a curse placed upon her by a dead comrade. Now she must seek the secret that lies hidden within the moon and within herself. And finally, newcomer C. E. Murphy brings her fans a new installment of The Walker Papers. In Banshee Cries, fledgling shaman Joanne Walker is tested again. She's forced into a confrontation with the Harbinger of Death to solve a series of ritual homicides that occur every few decades.

If you enjoy shorter fare, then Winter Moon offers a refreshing break. It's a nice collection of novellas where strong women take center stage. Whether you enjoy classic fantasy or prefer the newer sub-genre of urban fantasy, this anthology pleases on all levels.

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