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The White Wolf's Son: The Albino Underground    by Michael Moorcock order for
White Wolf's Son
by Michael Moorcock
Order:  USA  Can
Aspect, 2005 (2005)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Don't try to read The White Wolf's Son unless you have spent a lot of time reading Elric of Melniboné's previous adventures. If you don't know the worlds and the characters who populate them, this latest in the epic fantasy series will be confusing, if not impenetrable.

There's a multiverse of parallel worlds, with certain avatars able to move between them. Elric, the 'White Wolf' and last sorceror of Melniboné, is at the end of a thousand-year long dream quest, captured and spread-eagled 'in the rigging of a great battle barge'. During his quest, Elric has made enemies and alliances, and bred descendants - and a large proportion of that cast of characters is represented here. This story switches between two points of view, that of Elric himself and his twelve-year-old great-granddaughter, Oonagh von Bek.

The bad guys, Gaynor the Damned and Klosterheim, plotting to end the universe, are after Oonagh. They chase her out of her happy family home in Yorkshire, into an otherworldly underworld and across worlds, several in particular via the city of Mirenburg. Oonagh has protectors along the way - mainly Reynard von Grimmelshausen (a huge red fox in late 18th century finery), the oracular Mrs. House, and her grandmother Oona, the Dreamthief's Daughter, along with her panther. And she encounters a blind boy, Jack D'Acre, who looks remarkably like Elric, and who is also being hunted by the villains.

Elric searches, fruitlessly, for Oonagh, starting up a revolution in the process. Chases, floods and bombings, captures and escapes across worlds all come to a horrific conclusion in Londra, capital of the Dark Empire of Granbretan, where four evildoers need the right blood sacrifice to tip the Cosmic Balance for good.

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