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Stinky Thinking: The Big Book of Gross Games and Brain Teasers    by Alan Katz & Laurie Keller order for
Stinky Thinking
by Alan Katz
Order:  USA  Can
Aladdin, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

The Introduction tells us about Dr. Gross's 'Stinky Thinking learning lab', which we're invited to enter through the pages of his workbook, but with a warning to 'Never intentionally fart on a friend'. This workbook is full of gross puzzles to solve, with answers to check (and a diploma, well sort of) at the back.

You can go to Toiletzania and work out math problems at the Booger Bank (there are varied 'Booger Math' problems in Dr. Gross's book). I especially liked 'Slimy, Grimy Rhyme Time!' and the problem to figure out which of ants, centipedes, mlllipedes or flies are 'Crawling in Wendy's Lunch?' There's a clever calculation to do with Jimmy switching his baby sister's cookies with dog biscuits (but don't get ideas!) There are mazes, word games, presidential puzzles, connect-the-dots, match games, codes and secret messages, math puzzles, jigsaws, limericks, and more.

Looking for entertainment for those rainy days that drag out the summer vacation? Look no further. Dr. Gross offers more than enough 'Gross Games and Brain Teasers' to keep you occupied till school starts again.

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