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Mistress of Dragons
by Margaret Weis
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2003 (2003)
Hardcover, Audio, CD
* *   Reviewed by Sally Selvadurai

Margaret Weis's Mistress of Dragons is an intriguing fantasy of dragons and humans, part-dragon humans and part-human dragons. The reluctant hero, Draconas, is himself a dragon who has taken on human form.

Draconas has been given the task of finding out who is working against the Dragon Parliament and sabotaging their sacred oath that no humans will be harmed by a dragon. A young dragon, Braun, believes that the wayward dragon is Maristara, his paternal grandmother, and that she is using dragon magic to prevent the other dragons from bringing her to trial for her indiscretions, even killing his father, her own son, to keep her dark secret. Braun also believes that there is one amongst those in the Parliament who is in league with Maristara.

In an attempt to bring Maristara's evil under control, Draconas agrees to seek out a suitable human who can help him find the 'Mistress of Dragons', an individual who can conjure up magic to repel the invasion of dragons in her kingdom of Seth. The Dragon Parliament thinks she might lead them to Maristara's lair. King Edward of Idlyswylde is this chosen man, and he sets off with Draconas on their quest for the elusive Mistress of Dragons. As this book progresses we become more deeply entwined in the tale, until, at the last, we are left waiting for the sequel.

Will our gentle dragons (those sworn not to take human life - cattle, sheep, wild animal, yes, but not human) be able to outwit Maristara and her still unknown cohort? Will Edward have a continuing role to play? What will happen to Bellona, the one person from Seth who knows the truth about Maristara and remained loyal to Melisande (the High Priestess who first understood the Mistress of Dragons' terrible secret)?

Mistress of Dragons was a delightful read, which kept my interest throughout.

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