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Eve: The Sorority    by Tamara Thorne order for
by Tamara Thorne
Order:  USA  Can
Pinnacle, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

This is the first novel I've read by Tamara Thorne despite her books being available for some years. Eve is the tale of a California university sorority that's got more going on behind closed doors than anyone realises, including new pledges eager to join Gamma Eta Pi's illustrious ranks. None of the girls realize that once accepted into the sorority they'll be drawn deep into a secret inner society called Fata Morgana, a sisterhood of age old witches. It has been operating for a long, long time and they are always on the hunt for fresh recruits to draw into their deadly inner sanctum.

Eve, Merrilyn and Samantha are all connected after having shared a frightening experience while at cheerleading camp. Eight years pass before the girls meet again at Gamma House. Each is wary or suspicious of Malory Thomas, president of Gamma House, but Merrilyn and Samantha's concerns fade into the background and the story focuses instead on lead character Eve and her longing to be accepted into Gamma House and her equal need to do well on the cheerleading squad. Some of the plot also revolves around stories Eve's new friend, Kendra, has heard from relatives concerning mysterious disappearances of locals, one being Holly Gayle, who just happens to be the apparition Eve, Merrilyn and Samantha saw years before. Eve and Kendra soon discover that all is not as it seems with Malory and her loyal and dangerous Fata Morgana sisterhood.

Eve is the first in a new trilogy being released over the span of the next few months. The story isn't new and seems aimed more toward a younger audience (think Buffy with less action and gore). Tamara Thorne's tale is a lean read with lots of dialogue that'll have you flipping pages. There are nice dollops of humour or puns throughout and also some sexual content, although no scenes are overly explicit or gratuitous.

While my tastes run toward darker stories with deeper plotlines and more character development, I found Eve a fun read. And of course my interest has been piqued enough that I'm eager to see what happens in the next two installments featuring Merrilyn and Samantha -- and ultimately the showdown between the three friends and Malory's evil Sisterhood.

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