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To Light A Candle: The Obsidian Trilogy, Book 2    by Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory order for
To Light A Candle
by Mercedes Lackey
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2006 (2004)
Hardcover, Paperback

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* *   Reviewed by Kevin Fournier

To Light A Candle follows The Outstretched Shadow as second in The Obsidian Trilogy. The first episode sent Kellen Tavadon, rebellious son of Arch-Mage Lycaelon, in flight (on a unicorn, Shalkan) from the 'Golden City of the Bells'. He discovered the 'Wild Magic', his healer sister Idalia, and entire races of magical creatures, including elves. On quest with an elf named Jermayan and Shalkan, he was helped by Vistakia, daughter of a Demon.

As this episode opens, the foursome return to the Elven valley, where Knight-Mage Kellen resumes his training, and Jermayen and Idalia their relationship. Their idyll is interrupted by the kidnapping of precious elven children. Kellen, Shalkan, Idalia, Jermayan and Vistakia are soon on their trail, and it's during the rescue attempt that Jermayan meets and bonds with 'a very large, very black dragon', named Ancaladar, and becomes an 'Elven Mage'. Our heroes learn that the children were taken by 'Shadowed Elves'. They invoke 'ancient treaties' to gather a huge army, and initiate a major campaign against these dark creatures. Unfortunately, fighting their dark counterparts is morally damaging to the elves themselves.

This major plotline is interspersed with a significant supbplot that takes place back in the Golden City. There, a minion of Demon Queen Savilla continues to manipulate events behind the scenes, to make the city slowly destroy itself. He instigates plots and conspiracies, one of which nets a group of student Mages. Cilarnen (a youthful tormenter of Kellen's) survives banishment. The two plotlines come together when Cilarnen meets Kellen (and Shalkan) at the end of the book. A massive 'Working' is cast, which reveals the danger developing in the Golden City from Demons, and at the same time opens the spellcasters to demonic attack. This sets the scene nicely for the last episode in this trilogy.

I found To Light A Candle even better than The Outstretched Shadow, enjoyed the action, and look forward to seeing Kellen and his friends take on the Demons in the conclusion to The Obsidian Trilogy.

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