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The Godmother's Apprentice    by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough order for
Godmother's Apprentice
by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Order:  USA  Can
Ace, 1996 (1995)
Hardcover, Paperback
* * *   Reviewed by Theresa Ichino

This lively story relates the further adventures of young Snohomish Quantrill, who is studying in Ireland to become a fairy godmother. Apprenticed to Felicity Fortune, her own fairy godmother, Sno is recovering from the trauma she suffered when her evil stepmother tried to murder her. (This tale was told in The Godmother.)

Sno is wary of the traditional happy endings, especially in view of the less than stellar example set by her own father, a wealthy and famous rock star. She opted for a career rather than settling down in a marriage, which explains her decision to apprentice with Felicity.

However, Felicity is often absent in her efforts to replenish the magic she used up in The Godmother, which leaves Sno busy with a number of candidates for her first cases, chief amongst them young Jack, who is frantic about his mother's disappearance, and Grania, who has narrowly evaded several murder attempts and is now fleeing for her life. In addition, there is a gremlin wreaking minor havoc at the godmother's residence; and an ancient evil manifesting himself as a terrorist and assassin is a serious threat to both of Sno's new charges.

If Felicity is less helpful than usual, Sno has other allies, including Bobby, a toad serving as her familiar; Puss, the latest reincarnation of the talking cat (although distracted by the funeral procession for the King of the Cats); a swan princess and her brothers, descendants of Lir; and Ace the flying horse (he's an air pookha).

This is a delightful mixture of character, adventure, folklore, and whimsy. The writer takes the reader on a tour through her own imaginative world, as well as the rich legendry of Ireland. Scarborough's many allusions, literary, mythological, and popular, add another element to an already satisfying tale. In short, The Godmother's Apprentice is an entertaining and satisfying read.

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