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Through Violet Eyes    by Stephen Woodworth order for
Through Violet Eyes
by Stephen Woodworth
Order:  USA  Can
Dell, 2004 (2004)
Paperback, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

A small percentage of the population have the fortune, and in some cases the misfortune, of being 'Violets', humans who are living conduits for the dead. All are easily identifiable by the brilliant violet colouring of their eyes. Most have been forcibly pressed into service by select and often secretive arms of the government. Those who have managed to hide or escape their destiny, choose a life of self-imposed obscurity, or are reduced to madness if they are unable to suppress the souls who 'come knocking'.

Natalie Lindstrom, a licensed member of the North American Afterlife Communications Corp, has been targeted by a killer. When Natalie unwillingly becomes a conduit for those already murdered she reluctantly teams with FBI agent Dan Atwater 'for her own safety'. But nothing can keep Natalie safe from the shadowy and murderous Violet who may be friend or classmate, but whose identity remains a mystery to Natalie and even to those who have already been killed.

Up and coming author Stephan Woodworth has taken a premise that's been literally done to death and put a nifty, and often scary new twist to it. He's created a fascinating world where the victims of murder can accuse their killers and where 'channeling' the victims has become common procedure in the courtroom. The most chilling aspect is the government's abuse of Violets and the lengths they go to for their 'cooperation'.

If you enjoy well written, thought-provoking thrillers with a supernatural twist, then find yourself a copy of Through Violet Eyes and then stay tuned for the sequel, With Red Hands, due out in early 2005.

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