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Campfire Ghost Stories: Volume II    by A. S. Mott order for
Campfire Ghost Stories
by A. S. Mott
Order:  USA  Can
Ghost House, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

In this collection of twenty campfire tales, A. S. Mott lets loose a varied assortment of ghostly shenanigans and frights.

In 'The Contract', a harried employee finally understands that he'll never be able to terminate the contract he signed. Life's not a 'Barrel of Monkeys' when a cruel animal trainer finally pays for his misdeeds. A jealous high school beauty queen hatches an elaborate plan from beyond the grave in 'By the Power of Three', only to have it backfire. Buying a 'Castle on the Mountain' was always Lionel's dream. Though it finally comes true, he doesn't bargain for its ghostly tenant. As children we all imagined that some horrible monster lived under our beds. Josh is 34 years old and can't shake his belief that something still lurks 'Under His Bed'. And that's just the beginning ...

Horror aficionados will recognize most of the stories included in this volume as re-tooled or updated versions of others handed down over the years. But overall this lightweight collection satisfies, especially if you decide to add atmosphere by reading Campfire Ghost Stories Volume II aloud around a crackling campfire or huddled under the covers with a flashlight as your only source of illumination. You might even have the odd nightmare or two once all the lights have gone out.

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