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Dark Corner
by Brandon Massey
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Shannon Bigham

Up and coming author Brandon Massey weaves a tale of good versus evil in his second novel, Dark Corner. World-renowned, award-winning author Richard Hunter dies in a boating accident. Mysteriously, a body is never recovered. The author's only son David barely knew his father, whose death leaves a void. David packs up his belongings and moves from Atlanta to Mason's Corner, Mississippi, with the goal of piecing together his father's past in a search for understanding.

David moves into his father's home in Mississippi. As he becomes acquainted with Mason's Corner and its residents, he cannot avoid the chill that creeps through his body whenever he glances at a decrepit mansion (on an abandoned plantation called Jubilee) adjacent to his father's property. Mason's Corner townsfolk believe that Jubilee is haunted and the mansion has been vacant for many years. While David does not believe in ghosts or haunted houses, he cannot deny the discomfort he feels whenever he looks at Jubilee.

Shortly after David's arrival, an evil force enters the town. There are strange and frightening occurrences, and the unease of the townsfolk at these bizarre happenings is apparent. As David continues to investigate his father's life as a famous writer and as a resident of Mason's Corner, he begins to link the town's misfortunes to his own family tree. Some evil force is seeking vengeance, something that is undeniably linked to the town's past.

Dark Corner is riveting. Massey does a good job of developing the plot at a quickening pace. His protagonist, David Hunter, is a well-developed character and I found myself rooting for him throughout the novel. Massey delves into the supernatural while also exploring issues relating to father and son relationships. He gives us a well-written, entertaining read that I recommend to anyone who enjoys supernatural suspense.

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