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Samantha: The Sorority    by Tamara Thorne order for
by Tamara Thorne
Order:  USA  Can
Pinnacle, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Sorority sisters Eve Camlan and Merrilyn Morris were both unfortunate victims of the sinister goings-on inside the secluded Gamma Eta Pi sorority house. Eve was murdered and Merrilyn disappeared without a trace. Now, in The Sorority: Samantha, the remaining member of this former trio of friends, vows to uncover all of Fata Morgana's dark secrets.

Why have so many unexplained deaths been linked to Gamma Eta Pi over the years? What happened to Eve and Merrilyn? And even more unnerving, what is Malory Thomas's real connection to Samantha Penrose? There are her escalating dreams, her searches of secret rooms within the sorority house, and the fact that Malory and her sisters regularly go into the woods to do much more than just 'make out' with the football jocks. Samantha knows it's up to her to put a stop to Malory Thomas's evil once and for all.

Tamara Thorne keeps readers flipping the pages of this fast moving conclusion to her three-part serial, alternating.between sheer creepiness and decidedly female 'locker room' humour, and riddling the story with puns (which will make you laugh aloud or roll your eyes). Many of the loose ends left dangling in books one and two are tied up nicely. Ghosts Holly Gayle and Eve Camlan continue playing their part to help Samantha uncover the truth, and we finally learn more about 'The Forest Knight' and his relationship to Samantha.

It's clear that the author had a blast writing this trilogy, particularly with the twisted love/hate relationship between bad girl Malory and her furry little familiar. I found the tone a bit juvenile for my tastes, but this series will be right for you if you want to relive (or imagine) college days where life revolved around parties, boys and sex. Overall, I find Tamara Thorne an intriguing writer and look forward to sampling more of her books.

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