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The Eye of the World: Audiobook    by Robert Jordan order for
Eye of the World
by Robert Jordan
Order:  USA  Can
Macmillan Audio, 2021 (2021)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

I started reading Robert Jordan's renowned (and long-running) Wheel of Time series decades ago. It's been a fantasy favorite of three (so far) generations of my family, and is viewed by fantasy fans as one of the greatest of all time.

So I was recently thrilled to be able to enjoy both the new TV series and this Eye of the World audiobook narrated by Rosamund Pike, who also plays Moiraine Damodred in the series on Prime Video. She does an outstanding job of differentiating and bringing to life a great number of distinctive character voices.

As this first in the series opens, Aes Sedai Moraine and her Warder Lan appear in the small town of Emond's Field, as it prepares for a festival. They show great interest in a trio of close friends - Rand, Mat and Perrin. We hear how close Rand and Egwene are, though their plans for a future together seem at risk. We meet the town's fierce young Wisdom, Nynaeve.

When Trollocs attack on Winternight, Moraine reveals that the monsters were after one or all of the young friends, that staying puts their families and friends at risk, and that their only safety lies in the Aes Sedai center of Tar Valon. They depart with Moraine, Lan, and gleeman Thom. Nynaeve joins them later.

So begins a grand adventure, with constant peril for them all. Throughout, readers feel for the young people jerked suddenly from all they have known and forced to deal with the forces of evil as they grow to understand and come to terms with talents, of which they'd been unaware.

What makes this audiobook so outstanding is Rosamund Pike's brilliant narration that pulls characters into the listener's mind's eye and brings them to vibrant life. The legion of Jordan fans will enjoy revisiting and reliving his remarkable saga from a different perspective by listening to it here.

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