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Fortress of Magi: Chronicles of Amicae #3    by Mirah Bolender order for
Fortress of Magi
by Mirah Bolender
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2021 (2021)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Fortress of Magi follows City of Broken Magic and The Monstrous Citadel as the third in Mirah Bolender's Chronicles of Amicae. This world's isolated cities' magical bomb squads, Sweepers, fight off voracious infestations, that eat magic and anything else they encounter. Magic items are used extensively for heating, lighting and so on.

In City of Broken Magic, Laura trained as an apprentice under Amicae Sweeper Clae Sinclair. Clae also apprenticed Okane, an enslaved and abused Magus. In this first episode, Clae was transformed into magical crystal. In The Monstrous Citadel, Laura and Okane recovered Clae's stolen crystal from the hostile city of Rex and foiled a Rexian invasion of Amicae.

As Fortress of Magi opens, readers see Gaudium, across the bay from Amicae, being consumed by magic, though Amicae is unaware. There, Laura and Okane meet PI Byron Rhodes at his request. Several who helped them in Rex now seek sanctuary in Amicae - Magi Zelda and Sweepers Ivo and his sister Bea. They offer to work with Laura and Okane.

As always, gaining agreement from the corrupt Council is slow and painful. Complicating Laura's life further are demands and threats from two different groups of mobsters. As local infestations increase, the powerful Hive Mind nears Amicae from the south, and new information on crystallization gives Laura a sliver of hope that Clae might be recovered.

Action - and the threat of extinction of all humanity - escalate to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to this unusual fantasy trilogy.

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