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The Drowned Country    by Emily Tesh order for
Drowned Country
by Emily Tesh
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2020 (2020)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

The Drowned Country follow Silver in the Wood as the conclusion to Emily Tesh's Greenhollow fantasy duo. Tobias Finch, a friend of dryad Bramble, was the Wild Man of Greenhollow. However, events in the first book led to Henry Silver, lord of Greenhollow Hall, replacing Tobias in this immortal role and taking on its magics.

Henry's mother, Adela Silver, is a practical folklorist always ready to do battle to protect folk from dangerous magical elements. Tobias has joined her in her endeavors, while Henry has sulked in Greenhollow Hall (where he's let his magic run riot) for the two years since Tobias left him.

As Drowned Country opens, Adela shows up to ask for her son's help in the seaside town of Rothport, where a young woman's life is at stake. Maud Lindhurst may be at the mercy of a very clever vampire. They join Tobias in Rothport, where they seek the vampire's lair with Henry as bait - apparently the vampire normally likes handsome young men.

What they find at Rothling Abbey is not at all what they expected. Maud has staked the vampire and now is on quest to enter Fairyland - she was kidnapped by a fairy as a child and is determined to return. Unable to dissuade her, they help and accompany her, and explore Fairyland together - until Maud really is abducted.

A Fairy Queen is awakened, a danger to humanity. Sulking no more, Henry takes charge, takes action, saves the day, and wins (with Bramble's help) what he's wanted most for a long time.

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