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Godsgrave: Nevernight #2    by Jay Kristoff order for
by Jay Kristoff
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2017 (2017)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Godsgrave follows Nevernight as the second in Jay Kristoff's dark fantasy series starring uber tough young heroine, Mia Corvere. She has one mission in life that she intends to achieve no matter the cost (to herself or others) - revenge on a long list of enemies!

Mia's father was executed for treason against the Itreyan Republic. Her mother died in prison. Consul Scaeva ordered Mia's death, but she escaped, helped by her talent as a darkin, with a sentient shadow to do her bidding. Retired killer Mercurio helped her win entrance to the Red Church, a school for assassins, where she made fast friends and determined enemies. The first episode ended with the betrayal of the Red Church by Ashlinn, whom Mia considered a friend. Ash also killed Mia's lover, Tric. Mia gained a second shadow.

Revenge (forbidden to her by the Red Church) in mind, Mia arranges her own capture by a slaver, and sale to a gladiatorial collegium (unfortunately not the one she intended), so that she will have a chance to get to Consul Scaeva at the Venatus Magni in Godsgrave, where the greatest games are held. She's aided in this endeavor by Mercurio and by traitorous Ash, with whom she's reluctantly allied (after Ash explained why she attacked the Red Church), and whom she grows to love.

Though she considers her fellow gladiators expendable, Mia grows to like and respect some of them, but her goal is always foremost in her mind. She rises through the gladiatorial ranks under the name Crow. There are successes and failures, surprises and betrayals. And though Mia always puts herself in harm's way to achieve her goal, she takes it to the very edge of annihilation in this second in an outstanding trilogy, with a dizzying - and shifting - array of enemies and allies.

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