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My Book Of Stories: Write Your Own Shakespearean Tales    by Deborah Patterson order for
My Book Of Stories
by Deborah Patterson
Order:  USA  Can
British Library, 2016 (2016)
* * *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

What happens when seventeen works of Shakespeare are combined into fun, thought provoking activities? Here, your seven to twelve year old literature lover will have delightful afternoons filled with fine literature and fun exercises.

From the classic romance Romeo and Juliet, the tragic Hamlet, to the captivating A Midsummer Night's Dream, young readers will be kept engaged as they are introduced to a myriad of Shakespeare's most famous plays. Each play in this book is broken down into easy to understand language, making Shakespeare much more approachable and less intimidating for one's first introduction to the Bard.

The usually daunting Old English used during Shakespeare's time is translated into fun activities. Word searches, crossword puzzles, cartoon drawing, and even composing a sonnet will actively engage your youngster's mind and imagination. For extra fun, why not take part in some of the activities with your child? My favorite activity is to write your own Shakespearean insult. What spleeny, swag-bellied, miscreant wouldn't love that?!

I must say I am quite impressed with the background provided for the Bard's plays. Readers are also given the history of how and where the plays were performed, and what life was like during Shakespeare's time. There are even good, practical tips on writing poetry and prose, such as how to direct one's thoughts in composing one's own writings.

This book teaches on many levels, yet does so in a way that is fun and entertaining. Many students are afraid of reading Shakespeare for the first time. Having to understand Old English in an era when we speak Modern English is a daunting task. This book familiarizes readers with one of history's most famous playwrights in a fun, not overwhelming, manner.

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