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Bears in a Band    by Shirley Parenteau & David Walker order for
Bears in a Band
by Shirley Parenteau
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2016 (2016)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Yellow Bear, Floppy Bear, Calico Bear and Fuzzy Bear have found some instruments on their chairs. With big smiles on their faces, the bears begin to play a noisy song. Unfortunately, they don't mind if the notes are wrong or if the sound lacks any harmony.

Sleeping in the next room, Big Brown Bear hears the racket and is soon wide awake. 'That's not music. Something is wrong,' he thinks.

Big Brown Bear is not mad but he does decide he must do something to fix this situation or no one is going to get any sleep in the house. Gathering the four little bears around him, Big Brown Bear tries to teach the little ones how to play in such a way that the sound won't be so abrasive.

Whether he manages to get everyone on the same page so that the word harmony might apply to their efforts remains to be seen, but he does make the situation better.

Young readers will find this latest release in the bears series a delightful book and one they'll enjoy reading over and over again. The antics of these little, mischievous cubs have been chronicled in five books now and undoubtedly there are more on the way. There's also a special gift set of Bears on Chairs, a previous release, that includes an adorable plush, stuffed version of Yellow Bear.

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