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'Could You Lift Up Your Bottom?'    by Hee-jung Chang & Sung-hwa Chung order for
'Could You Lift Up Your Bottom?'
by Hee-jung Chang
Order:  USA  Can
Tantan, 2015 (2015)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Frog was outside one day when a gust of wind blew his hat off his head and before it could be retrieved, Elephant sat on it. When Frog asked Elephant to get up and move so he could get the hat back, Elephant said he was too hungry to move. 'Bring me something good to eat, something ... round,' he said.

When Frog brought Elephant an orange, he thought that would get the elephant to move but it didn't. 'Bring me something more delicious. Something shaped like a ... triangle,' Elephant said.

This went on and on, because Elephant had such a big appetite he refused to budge even after Frog provided an array of food in various shapes. Finally, a very frustrated Frog figured out a way to get Elephant off the hat. I will let you discover what he did!

This picture book teaches elementary math concepts and works simple geometry into the story. The reader will be able to differentiate, name, and even combine a few shapes plus engage in simple problem solving after paging through this humorous book a few times. You'll also find some extra exercises at the back of the book that will expand the idea of various types of shapes.

This clever series makes grasping some basic math concepts fun and the child won't even realize that he/she is engaging in rudimentary math exercises.

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