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A Day at Grandma's    by Mi-ae Lee & Yang-sook Choi order for
Day at Grandma's
by Mi-ae Lee
Order:  USA  Can
Tantan, 2015 (2015)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

This story of Yujin spending the day at her grandmother's house not only shows the fun things the child explores in a new environment and how she misses her mother, but it also addresses the idea of time and routines during the day.

As you follow the little girl through her day you'll notice those general times, such as dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, etc., are highlighted so that the reader is made aware of the ebb and flow of a day.

As the story is read aloud, parents are encouraged to ask their children what types of activities occur in their households at these times. What activities occur in the morning or in the afternoon?

At the back of the book you'll find a few activities that will also engage a child and provide other ways of thinking of time and the routines we follow each day.

This is a subtle way of getting a child to think a little about how we structure our time and what types of routines punctuate every day. Start here and then work your way into specific time and being able to use a clock.

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