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Warning: Do Not Open This Book!    by Adam Lehrhaupt & Matthew Forsythe order for
by Adam Lehrhaupt
Order:  USA  Can
Simon & Schuster, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

The fun here begins with the book's cover which states, 'Warning Do Not Open This Book!' Of course you'll ignore this admonition. On the inside cover you'll find further cautionary signs. One reads, 'The book is super dangerous'. Another states, 'Here is the last guy who read this book' (an arrow points to a skull!) and a third sign says, 'I guess you don't mind being mauled by Mo ... s'.

Do you bail out and stop turning pages? Of course not! Next you find, 'Maybe you should put this book back. You don't want to let the monkeys out.'

Turn back now? Nope! 'Why did you turn the page? Didn't you see the warning? Stay on this page. You are safe here. This is a good page. I like this one.'

Naturally you turn the page again. 'Oh, no. Now you've done it.' Oops, it appears you have set loose the naughty monkeys. But wait! It gets worse! You are warned to not tempt fate by turning more pages. Other dangers are ahead. 'This is a catastrophe!' Not really, but it certainly is rather funny.

You'll just have to keep turning pages now to get the situation under control. When you are finished be sure to read the back cover, 'Whew! That was close. You'd better put this book back.' Hmmm, I just might not. In fact, I think I'll read it again!

Children and adults will find this a unique and rather hilarious reading experience. You know what usually happens when you see a sign that warns Wet Paint. Adam Lehrhaupt creates a similar situation here because he knows exactly what our response will be!

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